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Ugacoop Gets His Legendary!

Roru, Nov 18, 11 4:26 PM.

Papafox, Nov 12, 11 1:50 PM.

Grats Keisoke!!!

25 Man Heroic Rhyolith!

Papafox, Nov 6, 11 8:03 PM.  First 25 man heroic rhyo kill

Shannox 25 Kill

Niandri, Nov 4, 11 11:33 PM.

Should of had this done soon srry guys hope you like it ill have the rest of the place up soonish......

The Bad in PvP is not a Bad anymore yet a Hero with great accomplishments

TheVeteran, Oct 21, 11 7:15 PM.

Today, I was making my way down but walking while passing faces but, I feel homebound some how then I came across this video....I knew it from some where and it just struck me like the arrow of favorite mage, best friend, and my mage idol Bombsrus took a step into the movie making world. ;) I'm not meaning those ones w/ the empty houses and cameras set up anywhere, you know what I'm meaning a porno. Lets all give a warm welcome to my idol and best friend Bombsrus! >=D a solid farming of these 2 people in TB!
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